STAFF AGENCY – We bring your brand to life !

About us ?

More than just a service provider, Staff Agency is a real partner in support of your events, providing you with reliable, skilled and committed teams.

Event management is a constantly changing sector that requires adaptability to outside influences, constraints and many unforeseen incidents.
Our spontaneity and experience help us to react and bounce back in all contexts.
Working in hectic conditions is our job; There are no problems, only solutions.
We will meet all your requests, even those made the day before – or even on the day itself!


As well as providing staff, we can help you develop your ideas to promote your image or your products in an ideal way, providing thatlittle bit extra that will help you stand out from the others and stay in people’s minds.
Our experience in the field also means we can give advice and information, and find solutions for a realistic, fluid andsimpleevent organisation in both logistic and human terms.


The complexity of a project strongly boosts our enthusiasm and energy!
Providing large numbers of staff oroverseas services, managing atypical profiles orshort deadlines: such specific requirements help raise our motivation to give you the best service.
But still, if possible, it is better to avoid combining all these criteria in a single project!

Why choose us ?

Our agency is just like our staff: youthful, dynamic, and experienced enough to give top-quality support and make your event a success.

More than a service provider, we are your partner in all the stages of your project.
We can advise you on the best way to enhance your image and help you stand out from the kind of services that have been seen time and again.
We live in our times and surf on a wave of modernity, overturning the traditional and dusty codes that were set up decades ago.

Based on a wide variety of event profiles (hostesses, masters of ceremonies, models, technical staff, waiters, barman, actors, performers, etc.), we can guarantee you unique services in terms of staff.

We emphasize the human side, and our customers enjoy a personalized follow-up.
We are permanently vigilant in quality control: if there is something wrong, we discuss it, change it and improve it!
This way of working has helped us to make faster progress and come a little bit closer to perfection every day.

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